Welcome to "What Is Reality?", the site which investigates the very deepest and most profound questions about the nature of physical reality. A series of accessible articles incorporating the latest ideas from theoretical physics, mathematics, cosmology, and philosophy.

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Venice Wormhole Antibes Inside Out

Quantum Mechanics: An Introduction

Introducing the peculiar world of the quantum, where a particle is a wave, and a wave is a particle. Considers the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.
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The Quantum Casino

At its most basic level, nature appears to be fundamentally random. Are we all players in a game of chance at the Quantum Casino?
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Quantum Entanglement

Quantum states can become entangled in astonishing ways. Welcome to the strange world of "qubits", faster-than-light communication, and Einstein's first definition of reality.
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Quantum Decoherence

At last it would appear a solution has been found to the riddle of the apparent collapse of the wavefunction. Includes an interactive simulation of decoherence in an ensemble of particles.
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Reality Is Relative

Everything in the universe must be defined relative to everything else in the universe.
Reveals the common foundations of relativity and quantum mechanics.
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Time and the Block Universe

Using a purely logical argument - involving no physics or mathematics whatsoever - this page might make you change your mind about everything you have ever believed about the passage of time.
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The Arrow of Time

All fundamental physical processes appear to be time-reversible - so why don't we see broken eggs mending themselves? And why can't we remember the future?
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The Anthropic Principle

Some of the fundamental physical constants in the universe appear to have been fine-tuned, otherwise life could not exist. Are "multiverse" solutions the answer to this mystery?
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The Mathematical Universe

The universe appears to have an uncanny connection with the world of mathematics. Why is this? And do mathematical structures have a reality all of their own?
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Is the Universe a Computer?

Some physicists believe the universe behaves like a digital computer. But are there some things in the universe which cannot be computed? And is the universe made of "information"?
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Are We Living in the Matrix?

An examination of the evidence that our universe is the product of an advanced civilisation. Are we living in a computer simulation? Are we all "housemates" in the ultimate reality show?
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The Intelligent Universe

Does intelligence play a special role in the universe? Could the universe have created itself? And could Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator arm hold the key?
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